Skjold/beskyttelse for motorhjelm

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Skjold/beskyttelse for motorhjelm

Indlægaf Perfexsjo skrevet Man 17 Jul, 2017 13:26

Hi, since im from Norway and visiting Denmark this summer, im looking for a hood bra or an Motorhjelm beskytter.

Im writing in english because your know, Norwegian and Danish does not match:)

Is there any shop nearby Aalborg or Billund that sells this product? Or maybe online for ordering?
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Tilmeldt: Man 17 Jul, 2017 00:07
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Re: Skjold/beskyttelse for motorhjelm

Indlægaf ThomasH skrevet Man 17 Jul, 2017 18:03

Hope you are enjoying your stay in Denmark :-)

I think you will have a hard time finding a shop with a thing like that for a Sportage in stock...

Maybe one of these can help you order one,
In Varde: ... 551c1.html
In Grindsted: ... s=Stenslag

Or you can spray it on ... er=product :)
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